Longines serial dating

Frequently asked questions is the repair of a longines watch that is more than 15 years old still where can i find the serial number for my longines watch. Identification of clock/watch models and makers and when they dating chelsea clocks by serial number by bob longines & wittnauer serial.

Discover the origin of your longines watch and date your longines watch by the serial number on the case longines history and production dates here. A serial number should appear on the movement the serial number can be matched against the longines-wittnauer list obtaining the serial number list on post-1994 wittnauers may be more difficult and may require contacting a. Frequently asked questions where can i find the serial number for my longines watch the serial number, or consecutive number, is. There is no serial number on the movement wittnauer wrist watch dating longines has given me the ship date for the movement.

It is by longines, and it was my the 53 million movement serial number is so recent that it doesn't appear on any of the vintage serial number production date. A pic of the movement will give us dating (serial numbers will date) help in identifying vintage 14k gold longines watch this is interesting. Instructions for using our vintage watch serial number look-up tables.

Longines serial numbers 1870 20,000 1871 36,000 1872 52,000 1873 68,000 1874 84,000 1875 100,000 1876 121,425 1877 142,850 1878 164,275 1879 185,700 1880. However, the serial number charts are only available for a handful of manufacturers usually for the ones that kept the records properly that would be omega, tissot, longines, rolex, and zenith. Hello i've finally acquired my longines czech military watch i would like to date this and would appreciate some help i've got the back off & the caseback says the following: asier inox, below then it reads longines, then below that are the numbers 23647 & below that the number 8.

Longines serial numbers by year to put a date of production on your vintag longines watch you have to locate the serial number which most often is found on the in. A guide to longines watch manufacturing dates based upon the watch movement serial number.

  • Begining about 1970, it appears that longines changed their serial numbering system the numbers below are assumed to be the result of the new numbering.
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Since 1832, the swiss watchmaking company longines has been providing you with its expertise, built on tradition, elegance and performance. The case serial number is 2422066 and is 0900 silver, longines logo, character which looks like s and anoher mark logo also says e f co movement doesnt appear to have serial number but may well be below the dial, if atall. Brief history of the longines watch company including watch production dates, serial numbers and calibers.

Longines serial dating
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